Flemish Competition: Documentary

114 minuten

For several years now, the International Short Film Festival has given the short documentary its own well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Young directors highlight all kinds of topics in their own unique way: historic events in the fifties, the discovery of love and the temptations of dangerous roaring engines.   

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • Terril

    Bronte Stahl :: Belgium :: 13 min. :: 2019

    The once flat region around Charleroi is now hilly, thanks to tons of mining waste. Telling a documentation-driven story, Terril investigates a tragic accident that occurred in 1956 as a consequence of the industrial revolution.

  • Raketkanon - I Live in a Society

    Maximiliaan Dierickx :: Belgium :: 26 min. :: 2019

    The band Raketkanon, a fixture on the Belgian rock scene, has a busy summer ahead. They are recording their final album, RKTKN #3, in the studio. A glimpse into the peculiar dynamics of a rock band, right before its swan song.

  • Léon Trouet Mokuna

    Guy De Troyer :: Belgium :: 15 min. :: 2019

    In 1957, Léon Trouet Mokuna was the first African soccer player in the Belgian Premier League. A documentary about La Gantoise, his dreams, segregation, colonialism, racism, Belgium’s World Fair Expo 58 and the independence of Congo.

  • Claiming the Sky

    Yentl De Baets :: Belgium :: 12 min. :: 2019

    Masked men wearing harnesses and helmets fly - if only for a moment - past the camera sat on metal machines. The focus is on the experience of one figure, a young motocross racer.

  • hier.

    Joy Maurits :: Belgium :: 18 min. :: 2019

    The Flemish town of Bazel has a sports centre. The boys and girls who spend time there get to know each other as well as themselves. This generation is surprisingly open-minded about looking for their identity and a sense of connection.

  • The Virginity Project

    Clare Edlund :: United States, Belgium :: 25 min. :: 2019

    Clare has a huge problem. She is 26 and still a virgin. Eager to find out how that happened - or rather did not happen - she looks for answers. This documentary self portrait features Tinder dates, scientists and fortune tellers.