PROGRAMME 1 (1995-2003)

74 minuten

As the Short Film Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary, it is time for a look back at our rich history. Four programmers who have worked for the festival, the founders and the general coordinator will be your guides. They were all given the difficult task of selecting the very best films, which we present in three different programs. They are happy to tell you a bit more about their choices before the start of each screening. This program is a selection of Johan Van Schaeren and Jan Bosmans.

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • Big in Belgium

    Pieter Van Hees :: Belgium :: 19 min. :: 1997

    The year is 1958. A simple boy from the Campine dreams of being famous. He is surrounded by a few good and many bad people. Bobbejaan Schoepen is never far away.

  • Le Sourire des Femmes

    Stéphane Vuillet :: Belgium :: 8 min. :: 1999

    You need to love all women just to find the one who can replace them all.

  • To Speak

    Erik Lamens :: Belgium :: 14 min. :: 1998

    A boy with a speech impediment is dancing with a girl at a party. Everything is going well until she asks him what his name is.

  • Los Taxios

    Lars Damoiseaux :: Belgium :: 11 min. :: 1998

    A Dutch couple visits Brussels. A cab driver offers to give them a tour, but the trip turns into a real nightmare.

  • J'attendrai le suivant…

    Philippe Orreindy :: France :: 5 min. :: 2002

    A man on the subway is looking for true love.