Sabam Evening

90 minuten

For several decades, Sabam for Culture has been committed to the promotion, development and protection of Sabam's audiovisual repertoire. They sponsor directors and short films directly through a development grant. A selection of sponsored short films from the festival program will be shown during this Sabam Evening.    

Deze compilatie bevat volgende kortfilms:

  • Emi Canini :: Belgium :: 5 min. :: 2019

    Liana is physically and mentally disabled and needs a lot of help. Her sister Emi is using her laptop to find a new script. But she is constantly distracted because Liana needs her attention...

  • Jacinta Agten :: Belgium :: 15 min. :: 2019

    Young Melanie is obsessed with finding her biological father. When she meets Patrick, a family man who once donated sperm, his reaction is not what she expected. Is Melanie looking for her past or is she trying to build a future?

  • Anthony Nti :: Belgium :: 19 min. :: 2019

    In Ghana krijgt een vreemdeling de opdracht om kinderen te ronselen voor een risicovolle baan. Hij vindt Prince en Mathilda, twee levendige kinderen, en brengt die naar zijn bende.

  • Michiel Dhont :: België :: 23 min. :: 2019

    26-year-old Maurice joins the rest of his family for a weekend away. The power struggle between the different generations seems to have faded but is he willing to keep up appearances, just like everyone else?

  • Vincent Das :: Belgium :: 14 min. :: 2019

    Impulsively, a young artist decides to move to Berlin and pursue his music. It is his big dream but what he does not fully realize is what - and especially who - he is leaving behind.