Apply for your accreditation for the Leuven Short Film Festival 2019

Professionals active in the audiovisual industry, including film students, can apply for an accreditation for the festival. Please fill in the information below

Professionelen actief in de filmsector en media, alsook filmstudenten, kunnen een accreditatie voor het festival aanvragen. Gelieve hiervoor onderstaande informatie in te vullen

General rules

  • An accreditation gives access to all public screenings and events, not including opening- and closing night, as long as tickets are available.
  • An accreditation gives access to professional events such as Master Talks, Masterclasses and the Festival Brunch as long as tickets are available.
  • All accreditations are STRICTLY personal and should be shown when entering the cinema.
  • Reserved tickets should be cancelled beforehand if you can't make it to the screening
  • Repeated no-shows will result in the cancellation of the accreditation and associated tickets


  • When your payment is processed (this might take up to 3 days), you will be sent your accreditation pass code, which you can use to reserve tickets for the festival once ticketing sales start (beginning of November)
  • An accreditation pass costs 30€ for film professionals ; 15€ for filmstudents currently (full-time) enrolled in a accredited film school.
  • Directors and producers with a film in the festival selection are exempt from the accreditation fee (with a maximum of 2 passes per film). Contact the festival for a fee waiver.
  • Film critics en film journalists can contact the press officer ( for a fee waiver.

Extras (Film professionals)

  • Access to list of attending professionals
  • Access to the on site video library
  • Festival tote bag + Festival catalogue
  • 1 free dinner at the festival’s artist kitchen
  • Access to the festival’s artist kitchen (€5 lunch, €12 dinner)

Extras (Film students)

  • Your accreditation will also give you access to the guest list and video library

Personal information

Last name *

Film students?

Filmstudents currently (full-time) enrolled in an accredited film school are eligible for a reduced fee of 15€.

What film school do you go to?

Company info

Company type

If it is the first time you (or your company) applied for an accredition, please provide us with a short profile of your company

Selected film?

Each selected film justifies two accreditations in most circumstances. Contact the festival team for more info.
If so, what film?

For international guests

Where are you staying?

Upload photo

Please upload a photo clearly showing your face. You can upload an existing photo or use the webcam option to take a photo via your laptop or smartphone camera.


Any remarks or additional info you would like to share

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